10 reasons to choose Azure cloud backup

10 reasons to choose Azure cloud backup

Backup and effective data protection are vital for any organisation. If you lose your data, your business will suffer damage that can range from the mildly annoying to the catastrophic.

Ensuring all your data is backed up can be tricky. The equipment can be expensive, keeping backups offsite is awkward, and making sure all employees follow procedures is far from easy.

For many organisations, cloud backup has addressed these problems, providing a cost-effective solution that just works and amongst the various providers Microsoft’s Azure Backup is a very strong contender.  

Here are my ten reasons why you should seriously consider Azure Backup for cloud backup.

  1. Easy to manage: restoring files and managing backups is simple, with cloud backup vendors providing straightforward admin interfaces.
  2. Lower cost: no need to buy extra hardware, no management overhead of staff time to set up and maintain equipment, and you benefit from economies of scale from the vendor.
  3. Offsite: keeping a backup offsite is vital to protect against physical damage, and with cloud it’s part of the deal.
  4. Accessible from anywhere: if your staff can get online, they can restore a file, wherever they are – and if your office is out of action, you can restore to another site.
  5. Consistent: similarly, computers will get backed up whenever they have internet access – laptops are still protected, even when users aren’t in the office.
  6. Reliable: cloud providers can afford to invest in enterprise-class systems with 24/7 support, and you benefit from the resulting reliability.
  7. Faster to restore: particularly for individual files, with no need to take time to physically retrieve an off-site tape.
  8. Secure: typically with high-strength, end-to-end encryption
  9. Easy to scale: whatever your needs, you can add or remove capacity immediately.
  10. Close integration with your on-premise infrastructure: it’s straightforward to manage and is designed to work well with your existing Microsoft infrastructure such as SQL and Windows Server.

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