The missing piece of the jigsaw

The missing piece of the jigsaw

This week we moved into our new head office and centre of operations. It’s the culmination of more than a year’s hard work by many people, but it also represents much more than that to us at Total: it is the realisation of where we are as a business, and the start of a whole new chapter in our story.

So, why the move?

On a practical level, we were nearing capacity at our existing offices, and at the same time nearing a decision over renewing our lease.

But also, our premises seemed to be the missing piece of the Total jigsaw. I’ve felt for some time that we’ve got the people, skills, expertise, references, relationships and approach to provide customers with as good a service as any in the industry. But, while we’ve repeatedly shown ourselves to be capable of outdoing the industry’s big names, we’ve been doing it from something akin to a League One ground. And that hasn’t always presented customers and partners with a perception that’s consistent with our capabilities.

So, when a local property search revealed vacant, standalone premises with plentiful parking and around 40% more productive space, moving became the obvious choice.

But apart from the sound business reasons for doing this – and they range from supporting our growth strategy to aiding our ISO 27001 compliance – it is a realisation of the business we’ve become. I’m genuinely proud of what we’ve built at Total, and I feel we now have a centre of operations to match the capabilities we can offer our customers.

‘Work together to succeed’ is central to our culture, and I very much want to see our customers and partners benefiting from this facility too – whether that is seeing the latest technologies being showcased, in strategic workshops or for their own off-site meetings.

These are exciting times for Total. Looking back on our decade at Brooklands Court, we’ve grown and developed in so many ways. Looking ahead, I hope it’ll be just as rewarding seeing the Newspaper House years unfold.