Application management provided by Citrix and managed by Total Computers


Avon approached Citrix, a leading business technology vendor, seeking a trusted partner to fulfil their unique service requirements for their end customer. Citrix required a partner with a proven track record in delivering top-tier enterprise services for their secure workspace management solutions. 

Total Computers, with an extensive history of collaboration with Citrix Consulting Services for more than ten years, proved to be the ideal match. Together, they have successfully executed numerous global Citrix programs, establishing themselves as experts in the field. 

As part of the Citrix partnership, Total Computers provides a holistic service that covers the management of customers’ application portfolios and the Citrix environment. Once the requirements were agreed upon, their team of experts engaged with the customer, providing a detailed overview of their service, addressing any concerns, and ensuring a smooth transition. 

Once all terms were finalised, Total Computers rolled out their Application Lifecycle Services in the Amsterdam and Dallas environments. This service model includes monthly reporting and a continuous focus on service improvement. Their highly skilled third-line support team, backed by robust SLA agreements, ensures efficient and reliable service delivery. 

At a Glance

Avon, headquartered in London, is a renowned global company specialising in cosmetics, skincare, perfumes, and personal care products. With remarkable growth since its establishment in 1886, Avon has achieved a staggering revenue of 6.1 billion and holds the position as the 14th largest beauty company worldwide. With a network of 6.4 million representatives, Avon reinforces its standing as the second-largest multi-level marketing enterprise globally, further cementing its dominance in the industry. 

Services Delivered

Provide Application Lifecycle services for Amsterdam and Dallas environments.

Technologies Deployed

24/7 Ticket logging and support services from 7am-7pm 7 days a week through our third-line support team.  

Industry Sector

Cosmetic, skincare, perfume, and personal care company. 

Business Driver

Free up time for technical engineering resources within Avon.


When customers lack effective application management, they encounter various challenges. Application management encompasses the entire lifecycle of software applications, including planning, deployment, monitoring, optimisation, and maintenance. 


To tackle these obstacles, Avon made a substantial investment in a resilient application management practice and partnered with Total Computers to oversee their frameworks. This strategic collaboration guarantees the safety, effectiveness, adherence to regulations, and optimisation of their software applications, all while driving their business goals and facilitating expansion. 


To put it simply, Avon has reaped the rewards of application management services, experiencing enhanced performance, heightened security, significant cost savings, and the freedom to concentrate on core business functions. This partnership with external service providers has empowered Avon to guarantee the seamless maintenance and alignment of their applications with their overarching business objectives. 

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