Supplying IT products, services and solutions.

Centrepoint provides young homeless people with accommodation, health support and life skills in order to get them back into education, training and employment. They were facing connectivity problems in their buildings delaying the critical delivery of training and support.

At a Glance

Centrepoint, the UK's leading charity for homeless young people, is well-known through the support of its high-profile patron Prince William. The charity has around 45 sites on its network and works with 8,000 16-25 year olds.

Services Delivered

Total helped Centrepoint with IT services and support. We helped advise what networks, PCs and equipment were needed.

Technologies Deployed

Total provided PCs, laptops, AV equipment and networking across their offices.

Industry Sector

Centrepoint is the UK’s leading charity for young homeless people.

Business Driver

Centrepoint needed to improve its connectivity and network across buildings nationwide.


Centrepoint wanted to improve their connectivity across their buildings nationwide to improve the service they delivered to young people. In need of new hardware and networking, they came to Total for help.


Total Computers sat down with Centrepoint to discuss the challenges and options we could deliver. Andy Sefton, Head of Technology at Centrepoint commented, “Quite often I will call up and we will talk for 20 minutes to half an hour going through different possibilities, different solutions before we come up with the right solution." We ended up supplying networking and hardware to their offices.


We worked closely with Centrepoint to deliver on the issues they faced and fixed the challenges they were experiencing.

Taking Care of Technology

There's a greater demand than ever for businesses to utilise technology and we are here to make that process simple.

Andy Sefton

Head of Technology at Centrepoint

I have never had a supplier who has been able to react as quickly as Total Computers.

One of our corporate sponsors had a legal offering for Centrepoint to provide a legal clinic which we needed to deploy very quickly. Working with Total Computers we were able to source not only the equipment we need but the solution, and we were able to deploy that solution within two days. Having a single supplier who can source anything I need has really helped in terms of time.

There is always more than one solution to a problem, and having an experienced account manager really helped to find the right solution.
The relationship I have is more of a partnership than a supplier. Quite often I will call up and we will talk for 20 minutes to half an hour going through different possibilities and different solutions before we come up with the right solution. That’s what I really value with the relationship I have with Total Computers.

Technology is the Enabler

Total is the Solution