Crew Clothing

Replacing PCs in 50 stores nationwide.

Crew Clothing needed to replace ageing PCs in 50 of its stores, to provide the speed and performance necessary to enable a rollout of Microsoft Dynamics. The slow performance of the existing PCs was starting to impact customer service and the customer purchase process.

At a Glance

Founded in 1993, Crew Clothing is a growing UK retailer of high-end British casual clothing, for men, women and children. The company has 76 stores across the UK, with more than 500 employees.

Services Delivered

Total replaced PCs for Crew Clothing in 50 of its stores.

Technologies Deployed

Total provided a full configuration service, installing extra hardware on the PCs and imaging their disks before shipping them to the branches.

Industry Sector

Crew Clothing is a growing UK retailer of high-end British casual clothing.

Business Driver

When till systems and PCs at Crew Clothing began to effect the customer experience Crew Clothing needed to update their IT assets.


When Crew Clothing needed to replace aging PCs, to improve performance and support a software rollout, it turned to trusted partner Total to simplify the process. Total sourced, configured and shipped new PCs for 50 of Crew’s branches, providing a straightforward, cost-effective way to customize the equipment for the stores.


To replace its PCs, Crew chose Total to provide new Fujitsu computers. Crew and Total have an established relationship, with Total providing a broad mix of hardware, including desktop and laptop PCs, iPads, servers, storage, switches, accessories and consumables such as cabling and memory.”

Total had previously proved its logistical capabilities to Crew, having obtained PCs, monitors, receipt printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners from different sources and then shipped them to new stores in a single, timed delivery.


Total sent each PC using a next-day courier, and the schedule was agreed with the IT Support Manager so each store knew when to expect its new machine. Usually, the computer arrived on a Thursday, and then on the next Monday an engineer arrived before trading to install it.

The main benefit of the new computers is improved performance, which means customers receive a faster service. 

Taking Care of Technology

There's a greater demand than ever for businesses to utilise technology and we are here to make that process simple.

Stefan Chunchukov

IT Support Manager at Crew Clothing

The main reason we chose Total was the configuration service, which has worked really, really well.

Also, we price-matched Total’s proposal against other major resellers, and it came out best. The configuration service was very cost-effective and saved me a lot of headaches and a lot of work, so all we had to do was remotely backup the data from the old till and restore it to the new one.

Without this service, I would have had to hire someone for at least a couple of months, so Total saved me this cost, as well as the need to manage and train them.

Technology is the Enabler

Total is the Solution