EasyJet has worked with Total Computers for 12 years as one of its main suppliers for desktops, laptops and other computing equipment. The relationship is characterised by openness and trust, with Total providing responsive, reliable service.


EasyJet is Europe’s leading airline, operating over 750 routes, at 136 airports in 32 countries and carrying around 65 million passengers each year. It employs more than 9,000 people, including 2,000 pilots.

Business driver

The IT team at easyJet need to be highly responsive to business needs, meeting the sometimes unpredictable demands of a rapidly growing business, responding to market opportunities by enabling new routes to be added ahead of the competition, and ensuring a continuity of systems and hence customer service.

For an airline such as easyJet, IT systems must operate reliably at all times, with safety paramount – even a small problem can run a risk of grounding aircraft, with large cost impacts. Almost as importantly, the company’s website must run smoothly, or substantial income from ticket sales will be lost.

When working under such pressure, easyJet’s IT team need suppliers they can trust, where there is a strong relationship and they can rely on getting help quickly when it’s required.


Over the last 12 years, one of easyJet’s most trusted suppliers has been Total Computers. Alan Blanchflower, IT Projects Manager at easyJet, comments, “Everyone we’ve dealt with at Total has the same culture – they’re unassuming and helpful, and where they can ease the pain they will.”

Total provides end-user computing equipment for easyJet’s sites in the UK and internationally, including desktops, laptops, monitors and peripherals from Lenovo along with HP printers and scanners.

In each crew hub, Total provides a full office environment including fully-equipped meeting rooms, networking, voice over IP (VoIP) and at least 20 desktop PCs for administration staff and crew to use. The service provided by Total includes travelling out to the hubs and installing the equipment when required as well as imaging and asset tagging servers.

Total supplies hardware for 136 airport locations, in 32 countries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East of which 26 are easyJet hubs where planes and crew are based overnight, as well as the company’s UK head office. Total has also provided services and varied other equipment, such as servers and networking hardware for specific projects. 


EasyJet often has aggressive timescales, for example to roll out new hubs, and sometimes can be reactive, needing new laptops or other equipment rapidly. Alan comments, “This means we require guaranteed on-time delivery, and Total never lets us down – if they say something is going to be here next Wednesday, then it always is.”

“We’ve stayed with Total for so many years because of their excellent service, and because they’re always very competitive on price,” says Alan.

“Our contact at Total always takes a call or responds to texts quickly, even at evenings or weekends,” says Alan. “Total is very much a can-do supplier – it doesn’t matter what we need or the quantity, they just get it.”

To help easyJet be flexible, Total keeps stock available for it to call off at short notice, without charge. “You wouldn’t get that kind of service from another supplier, unless you paid them to keep equipment stored,” notes Alan.

One of Total’s big strengths is its ability to help easyJet when there is an issue that needs solving. In one example, easyJet’s main contact at Total was on holiday when Alan called him with a problem – but he still managed to source a replacement firewall blade that was delivered within two hours.

“When we have an unforeseen hiccup, Total helps us out,” says Alan. “For instance, just last week we were about to make a change and realised we didn’t have the right type of a Cisco device.”

“We were up against it, but Total found us the hardware we needed within four hours, and kept us flying,” continues Alan. “They do this at least half a dozen times for us every year – it doesn’t matter if it’s local to our head office or in Edinburgh airport, Total can source the equipment we need.”

“It’s good to know that Total provides a safety net, and we can phone them to help us out,” says Alan. “They also have strong relationships with the big vendors and that has helped us get out of trouble.”

“Total always keep us abreast of vendor’s product roadmaps, which we don’t get from any other supplier,” says Alan. “In all my years, I’ve never met a supplier as honest and open as Total.”

Alan’s experience of Total’s technical knowledge has been equally positive. “They’re very good, and if they don’t know the answer to a problem they’re honest – and they have the right contacts to go and get the necessary information,” he comments.

“The relationship we have with Total is first class, and you couldn’t want for a better supplier,” says Alan. “They care about our systems as much as we do.”

“Total’s price point, service delivery, guarantees and open knowledge policy are second to none,” concludes Alan. “Whether it’s hardware, consultancy or technical resource, Total delivers everything on time, and always right first time – and that means a lot to us.”