HP Device-as-a-Service (DaaS): changing the way you provide, manage and support end user computing

HP Device-as-a-Service (DaaS): changing the way you provide, manage and support end user computing

HP DaaS provides you with your choice of hardware, analytics and (optionally) proactive management, plus break-fix maintenance for an attractive, fixed monthly cost.

Your choice of devices

You can have any current HP business notebook, Chromebook, 2-in-1 or tablet, desktop, workstation, thin client, monitor and accessory on DaaS. And in any combination you want, so you can match device spec to user needs. 

What’s more you can even include Apple iOS and macOS as well as Android devices in DaaS – giving you one simple way of providing, managing and supporting all end user devices.  

Your choice of analytics and management

As standard you’ll get access to a range of analytics, alerts and reports that will help you to improve the management of your device estate and facilitate pre-emptive corrective action. This includes alerts regarding device health issues relating to battery performance, CPU and memory utilisation, hard disk drive capacity and failure, unexpected OS crashes or abnormal shutdowns and firewall or AV software being disabled. You can also access hardware and software inventory, as well as user information, for all managed devices.

Instead of responding to these alerts, you can optionally enhance your DaaS service to have HP’s service experts manage the corresponding resolution for you. This Enhanced Service also provides proactive management of your mobile device security policy, device locate, lock and wipe, Windows patch management, remote user assistance and more. While a Premium Service takes this even further, to include Windows password recovery, application deployment, Wi-Fi provisioning and application whitelisting/backlisting.

Your choice of hardware support

In the event of a hardware failure you’ll receive a next business day, on-site response. But if that’s not enough for some, or all of your users, this can be enhanced to include worldwide cover and/or retention of defective media.

Your choice of term

DaaS can be provided on a one, two, three, four or five years’ term, combining together the device, support and analytics and proactive management into a fixed monthly cost per device. This can be extended to also include software, imaging, asset tagging, deploy-to-desk and even user support. 

You won’t need to worry about disposal and recycling anymore: the devices residual values have already been accounted for and when, at the end of the term, you return them to HP, the hard drive is securely erased.   

What would DaaS cost you?

Contact your account manager or submit the form below to speak to a DaaS specialist and/or to get DaaS pricing for your preferred HP devices. 

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