HP Managed Print Services: saving your IT team hassle and your organisation money

HP Managed Print Services: saving your IT team hassle and your organisation money

If you thought Managed Print Services were only for the largest organisations, then think again.

At its simplest a HP Managed Print Service provides you with known costs, replacement inks and toners BEFORE you run-out and break-fix maintenance.

This service can be economically delivered for a handful of printers and, as your needs change single printers can be added – and it typically produces both direct and indirect cost savings. 

How does it work?

1 What have you got?
The first step is to determine what you’ve got and how much it’s being used. Deployment of a Universal Device Agent enables us to catalogue and profile your print estate and usage. You can easily deploy this yourself, or we can do it for you. This captures the make, model, IP address and MAC address of all networked printers along with lifetime pages printed and, after a month, pages printed during that period. 

If you want to know more, we can optionally arrange a site survey which will additionally map the physical location of printers relative to their users. 

2 What do you need?
Now that you know what your current print estate looks like, together we can determine what your new print estate should be.

Part of this is about rationalising what you’ve got and in most organisations there are some easy wins to be had. Although a more aggressive consolidation can yield significant benefits, we recognise that pragmatically you might want to steer clear of those sort of political battles at this stage.

And part of this is about having the right printer for the job, at the right price and in the right place. We will provide you with a set of recommendations based on the approach you want to take, and this can include retaining any newer (current model) HP printers as well as buying new.

3 Tailoring the service to your needs
A basic service provides printing supplies plus maintenance kits at a known cost for a fixed term of one to five years. 

A Device Collection Agent (DCA) is deployed to monitor the consumption of toner and ink cartridges, print heads, drum kits and staple cartridges. Preprogrammed alerts ensure that replacements are automatically dispatched before they’re needed. With toner and ink this is triggered when levels fall to 10% and these replacements are, in effect, heavily discounted.

Should you experience any hardware failures these can easily be logged by phone, email or online through the Device Control Centre. You can choose four-hours or next business day response times, depending on the criticality of the printer, and whether to include on-site installation. You can vary these service levels by device and location, you can choose a contract term from one year up to five years, and can also choose from three pricing models:

  • Click Charge = A fixed cost per page printed for the term of the contract
  • Base + Click = A base fixed cost combined with a lower cost per page printed
  • Level Pay = A fixed cost based on expected print volumes – periodically this can be adjusted up or down based on actual use.

Total can arrange a Managed Print Service for any current HP Inc printer or multi-function printer. 

Want to know more?

Contact your account manager or inquire below to arrange a call with a subject matter expert or to arrange a current state assessment and pricing. 

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