As IT has become an integral part of so much that your organisation does, the IT team’s boundaries have extended to encompass telephony, building management, CCTV and much, much more. And that breadth of knowledge makes it very difficult to acquire and/or maintain the in-depth knowledge required to successfully develop your IT infrastructure. 

As well as providing you with expertise and services focused on Cloud, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Networking and Security, and Workspace, Total has the knowledge to enable you to successfully deliver data centre, storage, collaboration and foundation technologies. 

At a strategic level Total can help you develop and deliver an over-arching infrastructure strategy, encompassing cloud, networking, security and workspace, aligned to your organisation’s business issues and needs. 

Total can provide you with the expertise to successfully design, build, test and transition to new data centre, storage, collaboration (using Microsoft SharePoint) and foundation (Microsoft SQL, Windows Server, Exchange Server and Azure Stack) solutions. 

Total’s Infrastructure Health Check and Citrix Health Check enable you to get to the root cause of an under-performing infrastructure and provide a prioritised set of actions to optimise performance. 

As well as delivering infrastructure support and managed services, Total can provide you with the tools to help you to improve your infrastructure management with comprehensive Microsoft System Center and Lakeside SysTrack Implementation solutions.