Networking & Security

What should you do to prepare your network for the future? Ever more sophisticated and numerous security threats are a given. As are ongoing increases in the devices, applications and loads the network must support. But a shift to the cloud brings fundamental changes to traffic patterns. While the Internet of Things promises an explosion in the number of connected ‘things’, each consuming bandwidth.    

Total can help you address your network needs at both a strategic and tactical level. 

Strategic consultancy provides expert and impartial guidance to enable you to establish your future business and technical needs and construct a strategic plan to develop your network in line with them.  

Total can provide you with the technical expertise to design, up to Cisco Certified Architect level, and successfully implement new network infrastructure – whether your need is purely for Structured Cabling or whether you want to evaluate SD-WAN with a SD-WAN Strategic Workshop and Assessment.  

Many organisations experience network performance issues and Total can you identify the route cause with a network audit and then resolve any underlying issues: optimising network traffic.