Total has, with immediate effect, adopted 0345 ‘low-call’ numbers. Existing 0845 numbers have all become 0345 numbers, and it is urging its customers, partners and suppliers to update their directories immediately. 

The move to 0345 numbers combines the benefits of a single national number for all Total’s sites, with a low call cost for customers, partners and suppliers.

The change means that Total’s main 0845 647 0000 number changes to 0345 647 0000. All related, individual numbers will similarly change prefix, from 0845 to 0345, with the rest of the number unchanged. So, for example, 0845 647 1029 simply becomes 0345 647 1029. Any 01536 numbers remain unaltered.

While existing 0845 numbers will remain operational for a transition period, Total is urging people to update their records now, while its fresh in their memory, and to start benefiting from the 0345 numbers immediately.