Technology Products 2

Technology Products 2 is a Crown Commercial Service agreement for the supply of commodity technology goods and/or closely-related services to UK public sector organisations.

Technology Products 2 (framework RM3733) has an initial end date of 30 October 2018, but scope to be extended until 30 October 2020. It replaces Technology Products (RM1054), which expired on 16 November 2016. 

The framework consists of six lots. Total Computers is a Crown Commercial Service supplier under lots 1 and 6.

Lot 1 – Hardware
This lot is for customers purchasing IT hardware and peripherals including but not limited to PCs, laptops, keyboards, servers, audio-visual equipment, network infrastructure equipment and peripherals/accessories. Operating systems and utility software is included where it is part of a standard Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product offering. Factory/reseller software builds are also included in this lot when purchased alongside/installed on the associated hardware. A range of close-to-the-box services are allowable, including image load, asset tagging, delivery, installation, configuration, user handover, removal of packaging and disposal of old equipment.

Lot 6 – Catalogue
This lot offers an extensive range of hardware and software products through Crown Commercial Service’s new online catalogue, with direct award to lowest cost supplier. The online catalogue is expected to go live shortly.

What next?

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