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Barco designs and develops visualisation and collaboration solutions for a variety of selected professional markets.

Established in 1934, Barco is a global technology leader that develops networked visualisation solutions for the entertainment, enterprise and healthcare markets. Their solutions make a visible impact, allowing people to enjoy compelling entertainment experiences; to foster knowledge sharing and smart decision-making in organisations. Barco has over 500 granted patents across 90 countries, where they employ over 3200 employees.

At Barco, they don't bring technology for the sake of technology. They use technology to transform the quality of life: from improving health outcomes to changing the way people work and creating compelling experiences.

  • Innovating with Impact
  • Moving towards a Sustainable Future
  • Embracing Diversity
  • Thinking with the Customer

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Meet the ClickShare family

When it comes to ClickShare, Barco's range of wireless presentation and wireless conferencing systems couldn't be more different, and you have the freedom to choose what is right for your enterprise.

Barco Meeting Barometer

Meetings are in constant evolution. From quick huddles to formal board meetings. From audio calls in the past to connecting in hybrid meetings. From days filled with meetings to meeting-free Fridays. The Barco Meeting Barometer helps us to improve the quality of today's meetings. Are meetings getting better? Or not at all?

XMS Cloud Management Platform

Cloud monitoring, management and analytics for
your workplace.

The XMS Cloud Management Platform enables IT administrators to manage a large install base of ClickShare devices. You can fully configure devices and activate the SmartCare package. With an easy-to-use interface, you can remotely monitor devices and schedule automated software updates for your fleet of Base Units.


SmartCare is a free service package that is included in the purchase of every ClickShare Conference and Present unit. Providing your company with budget predictability, swift hardware replacement and expert support.

Try ClickShare for Free

Many of Barco's ClickShare customers say that our wireless presentation and conferencing systems have completely changed the way they are running meetings. They say that ClickShare has made presentations and meetings less frustrating, more efficient, and more fun. So, why not try ClickShare for free?

Barco Trade-In

Upgrade today and save on your favourite ClickShare device. Once you've experienced how seamless wireless content sharing and collaboration with ClickShare is, you can't imagine a meeting without it.

Benefit from the latest generation ClickShare devices to make any meeting experience perfect. Get a significant discount on a new ClickShare model when your old Barco or competitive device is traded in.

CX-50 2nd Gen

ClickShare CX-50 brings flexible, inclusive wireless conferencing to high-impact meeting rooms.

ClickShare automatically connects to room devices and helps start a video meeting from your laptop, using any conference tool. Create a space where minds meet, in one click.

Use the ClickShare button or the intent-based meeting flows powered by the app. Enjoy dual screen support, content & people side-by-side on-screen and touch-enabled interactivity features like local view of the room display, annotation and blackboarding.

ClickShare offers enhanced security and network integration for any enterprise. XMS Cloud Management guarantees easy management of units and analytics to drive the digital workplace.

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Barco is moving towards a more sustainable future

At Barco, sustainability is a key priority and efforts are being made to deliver added value to our customers through our solutions, services and capabilities. Working with Barco, Total provide a further discount on new goods when you send your old kit back to be recycled. See below for more...