Vectra AI

Total and Vectra partner to deliver proactive threat detection capabilities across customers' Hybrid Network, Cloud and SaaS infrastructure.

Vectra’s mission is to see and stop threats before they become breaches. Today’s threats bypass traditional security tools. As the leader in AI-driven threat detection and response, Vectra helps organisations detect, prioritise, investigate, and respond to cyber threats early in the attack progression.  
This means that Vectra is by your customer's side across the entire threat landscape—regardless of what industry they operate in and no matter how diverse their environment becomes.
Vectra provides proactive threat detection and response across the Hybrid Network, Cloud and SaaS infrastructure, integrates with customers’ existing security investments, and can be backed up by either Vectra or TCN’s Managed Detection & Response Service.

  • 1 of 5 Focus Partners 
  • Investment augmentation across M365 and AAD
  • Vectra MDR capability
  • SPIFF Program

Find and stop ransomware

Powerful and reliable power protection

Network Detection and Response (NDR) is the fastest and most efficient way to find threats in your cloud, data centre, enterprise network, and IoT devices. Vectra AI helps you detect and respond faster to ransomware and other cyberthreats by applying artificial intelligence to create SOC efficiencies.

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Let’s begin with a discovery call to discuss your IT and business goals. This will enable us to understand where you are now, where you want to get to and what needs to be done to get you there.

In our initial discovery call we will cover:

  • Understand more about your company
  • The high level goals for the next quarter / half / year
  • What challenges are you facing in achieving these goals
  • Discuss potential solutions to these problems
  • Do you have a timeline or plan for implementing a solution
  • Is there a budget for that plan
  • What are you hoping to see improve once you find a solution

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Vectra Updates

Stop Cyber Attacks with Vectra AI's Attack Signal Intelligence™

Somewhere, among all the bits of data in your ever-expanding hybrid cloud environment, attackers are lurking and are Masters of the Skies. The Spiral of More is working in favour of the attackers: more remote users, Cloud services, Network devices... more cyberattack surface and blind spots! Are you compromised?

Vectra Cognito

Use ransomware detection to stop ransomware long before it encrypts anything. You can see the recon, lateral movement, defense evasion, and persistence techniques as it moves across the network using Vectra Cognito’s AI-driven network detection and response. Only Vectra Cognito can track and link these activities from the network to the data center and into the cloud.

What is a cyberattack and how to detect it?

Attackers are working night and day to figure out how to exploit vulnerabilities in your defenses. How to detect these exploits before they happen? Your security tools might detect the threats but it is hard to know what they are up to. The exploit is only the first step. Once the perimeter is breached, the malware get is and brings with him a team of specialist that will not stop until they have found your valuable data.

Blackstone Threat Detection

An AI-based detection and response solution that quickly identifies critical threats and provides network visibility across O365 environments

Global 2000 Retail Company

An AI-based network detection and response (NDR) solution that focuses on
the most critical, severe detections

Andy Forshaw

Regional Partner Manager,

We’re extremely proud to announce Total Computer Networks as a Vectra Partner. TCN will help Vectra radically extend our reach across the UKI market in general, as well as augmenting Microsoft customer agreements to add enhanced proactive threat detection capabilities. We’re very excited to see this partnership develop and grow over the coming months and years

See threats, stop breaches

Prevent ransomware before it starts

Data loss. Downtime. Reputation damage. Why wait for a ransom note when you can detect the early signs of an attack? With AI-driven ransomware detection and response, you can gain an unfair advantage over attackers.