Citrix XenMobile Design & Implementation

Reduce the complexity and risk of implementing Citrix XenMobile with this solution.

Total will provide you with the technical expertise plus relevant software and hardware to achieve a successful implementation of XenMobile. You benefit from an expertly designed and implemented solution, aligned to your business needs, with detailed documentation and a face-to-face knowledge transfer. 

Why would you want it?

As mobility and the use of mobile devices, including employees use of their own devices (BYOD), has become widespread, like many, you find yourself needing, a more strategic, secure, empowering and integrated way of managing mobile apps, data and devices.  

Citrix XenMobile is a comprehensive, integrated solution that combines mobile device and application management (MDM and MAM), business-class applications for secure email, browsing and file sharing with app development and integration tools, all in a single solution. Although you don’t need an existing Citrix infrastructure to benefit from XenMobile it is at its most powerful when integrated with Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop.  

Mobility is highly complex and many established Citrix partners have struggled to deploy XenMobile successfully.

Total has successfully designed and implemented it repeatedly. Total’s XenMobile Design and Implementation solution will remove the risk from your adoption of Citrix XenMobile, giving you:

  • a trouble-free implementation
  • with a reference architecture adapted to your needs
  • expertly designed
  • a proven implementation methodology
  • on time and to budget delivery
  • detailed design documentation including key settings and their rationale
  • a structured, face-to-face handover to the service delivery team.

What Total do

Pre-sale Total will discuss your requirements with you in order to produce a formal proposal containing a solution overview. This necessitates some assumption and a formal project commences by validating these assumptions.  

A Citrix XenMobile Design & Implementation project is typically composed of eight stages, although for simple or small implementations some of these may be circumvented.

1 Assess
A consultant will review your business, technical and security requirements to fully understand your enterprise mobility requirements and device and application management needs.  

2 Design
The consultant will review the high-level design and develop a detailed architectural design, business policies and project delivery plan. 

3 Pilot
Total will build a proof of concept (POC) environment for trial use by a representative group of users. This provides a controlled environment in which to identify, and resolve, any potential issues and verify the performance and scalability of the design.  

4 Build
Total’s consultant will, if necessary, modify the POC environment and then scale this out into a full-scale production environment.

5 User Acceptance Testing
This stage involves a fully functional test of the newly implemented production environment and all applications by a representative subset of the user base.

6 Service transition
Total will ensure that the service delivery team, whether in-house or outsourced, are equipped with the knowledge they need to manage your new Citrix environment. This knowledge transfer usually focuses on third line staff, but can be extended to include second and first line staff, and also includes provision of all build documentation.

7 Migration
Users are migrated to XenMobile and, where contracted Total’s business-as-usual (BAU) support commences. Responsibility for user migration is agreed prior to project commencement but many customers wish to undertake much of the user migration with the guidance of Total’s consultant.    

8 Project closure
As well as concluding any final actions, this stage involves a formal review of the project as part of Total’s CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) programme. 


A successful project requires a management sponsor and facilitator, the availability of relevant technical stakeholders and administrator access to relevant systems. 

Why Total?

Total is highly regarded for its Citrix expertise. Each of Total’s Citrix consultants combine years of Citrix experience with expertise in multiple Citrix technologies and, in most cases, individual certification to the highest level (Citrix Certified Expert). They also have the breadth of knowledge necessary to understand and anticipate dependencies with your broader infrastructure.

Additionally, one of Total’s senior technical experts sits on Citrix’s invitation-only Partner Technical Expert Council (PTEC) – restricted to around 40 of Citrix’s most expert partners from throughout EMEA.

Total has successfully undertaken Citrix projects for public and private sector organisations ranging in size from a hundred up to many thousands of users. Total’s highly sought after Citrix consultants regularly undertake projects for Citrix Consulting and well-known IT service providers.

Total is a Citrix Gold Solutions Advisor: this is one of the top two tiers of the Citrix partner programme with inclusion at the highest level based on exceeding a target for licensing sales. 

What next?

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Citrix XenMobile Design & Implementation Factsheet
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