Remove the need for tiresome configuration tasks with this service.

Total offers a wide variety of services to configure new end user, networking and data centre equipment. You benefit from professional configuration work undertaken in a controlled environment plus quicker and easier, straight from delivery, deployments. 

Why would you want it?

Configuring hardware can be tedious and time consuming. Total can take away the pain of setting up new hardware to save you time and free up internal resources.

Total can undertake a variety of setup, assembly and test work, on a one-off, project or ongoing basis, to enable deployment straight from delivery. Examples include:

Laptop, PC and workstation

  • imaging (and image storage)
  • upgrading RAM
  • replacing hard drives with SSD (+ OS transfer)
  • keyboards changed to another language
  • bespoke builds
  • OS downgrades or upgrades
  • assigning domain settings and AD group policies (requires VPN connection)
  • bench testing (DOA avoidance)
  • asset tagging and warranty registrations

Servers and storage

  • assembly
  • RAID configuration
  • OS installation and virtualisation
  • configuration of server roles
  • bespoke builds
  • bench testing
  • asset tagging and warranty registrations


  • setting up router and firewall policies (eg anti-virus, spam and remote connectivity)
  • wireless configuration (eg network connector, wireless SSID and sign-in policies)
  • configure switches
  • asset tagging and warranty registrations.

With Configuration from Total you benefit from:

  • a flexible and responsive approach
  • high quality work
  • highly experienced configuration engineers 
  • ISO 9001 certified procedures. 

What Total do

Total’s Configuration services follow a well-defined process typically involving:

  • determination and documentation of requirement
  • receipt, and where necessary check, of equipment
  • configuration in accordance with agreed requirement
  • repack for storage or transit
  • add to bonded stock and/or dispatch to site. 


Successful service delivery requires a clear specification of requirements, details of any settings to be applied and a VPN connection where domain settings and AD group policies are to be applied.

Why Total?

Total has the technical know-how and flexibility to undertake whatever configuration you need doing – whether it’s a one-off requirement, refresh project or rolling replacements.

A purpose-built configuration facility and a skilled team of highly experienced consultants and engineers is underpinned by ISO 9001 procedures. 

Total has extensive configuration experience and has provided services to a wide variety of public and private sector organisations, ranging in size from tens to tens of thousands of staff.


Configuration Factsheet
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