IT Infrastructure Health Check

Discover how to improve the performance of your core infrastructure with this consultative service.

Total’s Sanitise, Sanitise PLUS and Optimise packages analyse your core infrastructure and core workloads to identify the root cause of performance issues. You benefit from the expert analysis and advice of an experienced infrastructure consultant together with a prioritised set of recommendations to stabilise or optimise infrastructure performance. 

Why would you want it?

If you are dissatisfied with the performance of your IT infrastructure, are planning further investment, or are subject to external audit you’ll benefit from this service. It provides you with an objective investigation of the issues affecting the performance of your IT infrastructure.

Most organisations experience an ongoing degradation in infrastructure performance, evidenced by: a slow network, failing hosts, unresponsive VMs, unreliable backups, unsuccessful AD replication, sluggish email and lethargic databases. 

Much of this is the result of sub-optimal configuration and settings. This can be reversed by identifying and rectifying the root cause of these issues.

With Total’s IT Infrastructure Health Check you will benefit from:

  • improved infrastructure performance - often deferring further investment
  • a dispassionate and objective assessment of your infrastructure’s current state
  • the expert analysis of an experienced infrastructure consultant
  • root cause identification of performance issues
  • prioritised actions to resolve identified issues and improve service
  • a written management report
  • a sound basis for strategic planning
  • a consultant led workshop with fact-based advice on developing your infrastructure. 

What Total do

Total offer three IT Infrastructure Health Check packages:

  • Sanitise focuses on identifying the root cause of known performance issues within your core infrastructure: networking, compute (both the hardware and the virtualisation layer) and storage
  • Sanitise PLUS focuses on identifying the root cause of known performance issues within your core infrastructure plus your core workloads (such as Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop, VMware Horizon and MDM)
  • Optimise provides detailed investigation of both known and unknown issues in your core infrastructure and core workloads.

Once you’ve decided the most appropriate package for your needs, an IT Infrastructure Health Check typically consists of five stages.

1 Scoping call
A scoping call, between a technical consultant and relevant management and technical stakeholders from your organisation, to:

  • discuss your requirements and known issues
  • agree the most appropriate package for your needs
  • determine objectives
  • plan service delivery.

2 Assessment and analysis
Total use a combination of automated (deploying software and appliances) and manual investigation and data gathering techniques in order to assess and analyse infrastructure performance.

3 Documentation
Total’s consultant will produce a written management report providing a summary of prioritised actions to improve your infrastructure.

4 Submission
Email submission of the management report to enable you to familiarise yourself with its content prior to the workshop.  

5 Workshop
Face-to-face presentation of the Infrastructure Health Check findings and discussion of the recommended actions. 


Successful service delivery requires:

  • a management level sponsor
  • the availability of relevant technical stakeholders
  • network diagrams (where available)
  • remote, administrator level, access to relevant systems. 

Why Total?

Total follows a proven process that has been tried and tested on the most demanding enterprise customers.

Each of Total’s consultants combine years of experience with the breadth of knowledge necessary to understand and anticipate interdependencies within your infrastructure.

Total has strong and long-standing relationships with the key hardware and software vendors, backed-up by relevant technical accreditations.  

What next?

To learn more contact your account manager, submit the enquiry form below or call us on 0345 647 0000*.  

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