Lakeside SysTrack Implementation

Get the most from your investment in Lakeside SysTrack with this solution.

Total will provide you with the software, hardware and technical expertise to successfully implement SysTrack. You benefit from a well-managed, verified and documented implementation together with face-to-face knowledge transfer.

Why would you want it?

SysTrack is a powerful IT analytics platform that empowers you to improve service and lower costs by providing actionable insights into the use and operation of your infrastructure. It continually collects data from end point devices and helps you to organise and interrogate this data, with roll-back functionality down to individual devices, so you can see what is actually happening.

Customers use SysTrack to:

  • improve service quality (user experience)
  • provide a CIO dashboard of their estate and user experience
  • deliver proactive, pre-emptive support
  • increase the efficiency of incident resolution
  • profile application usage to identify unused licenses
  • understand resource usage (eg which laptops are mobile)
  • accurately plan for future upgrade projects.

With Total’s Lakeside SysTrack Implementation solution you get:

  • the expertise of an experienced consultant
  • high value, incremental cost guidance
  • a well-managed and verified implementation
  • professional documentation
  • face-to-face training and knowledge transfer
  • quicker and better ROI.

What Total do

Implementation commences with an initial planning call with relevant management and technical stakeholders to:

  • discuss the infrastructure requirements, such as host server capacity and database
  • confirm deliverables
  • timetable the implementation.

Implementation is typically a six step process:

1 Install
Total’s consultant will install the application server, SQL database and SysTrack. 

2 Deploy agents
The deployment of software agents to all end-points usually takes 2-4 weeks and is typically undertaken in conjunction with your IT team. Total’s consultant will agree a deployment process, based on your change control process and preferred software deployment method, initiate and test it and provide the necessary guidance for your System Administrator(s) to undertake the bulk of the deployment.

3 Initial training and handover
Total’s consultant will conduct initial training to enable your service delivery team to start making use of SysTrack. As part of this operational handover documentation of the implementation is provided.  

4 Deployment check
During the deployment of the agents and again when it is complete Total will check that it has been effective; verifying that the software agents have correctly deployed to endpoints, are talking back to the server and that data is being successfully collected.  

5 Technical workshop
Typically occurring after at least a full month of performance data has been collected the technical workshop will help you to get the most out of Lakeside SysTrack. It gives your service delivery personal a day with a SysTrack expert to pick their brains, discuss the data collected and its interpretation, get any issues encountered resolved and receive additional training.

6 Project closure
As well as concluding any final actions, this stage involves a formal review of the project as part Total’s CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) programme.


A successful implementation requires:

  • a host server (with appropriate capacity)
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express (for up to 3k+ end points) or Microsoft SQL
  • a management level project owner and facilitator
  • availability of relevant System Admin and service delivery personal
  • remote administrator access to relevant systems.

Why Total?

As a Lakeside SysTrack Solution Provider (Silver), Total has invested in sales and technical training. Total makes extensive use of SysTrack in delivering its own services. 

What next?

To learn more about SysTrack and how it might benefit your organisation contact your account manager, submit the enquiry form below or call us on 0345 647 0000* to arrange an initial conference call and/or demonstration with a technical expert.


Lakeside SysTrack Implementation Factsheet
Lakeside SysTrack Implementation Factsheet Download PDF

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