SD-WAN Strategic Workshop and Assessment

Find out if SD-WAN can improve your network service availability and reduce your future costs with this consultative service.

Total will review branch connectivity issues, together with your current and future WAN requirements, to determine whether SD-WAN offers you realisable benefits. You benefit by gaining an objective assessment of SD-WAN’s ability to improve uptime, quality of service and MPLS costs.    

Why would you want it?

Multi-site organisations typically rely on, often costly, MPLS lines to connect your data centre, head office and branches. But with little or no visibility of MPLS performance, many experience service interruption and performance issues that compromise the productivity of branch workers.

A software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) promises secure, low-latency, high performance, and highly available connectivity. But, are these benefits realistically achievable for your organisation?

With Total’s SD-WAN Strategic Workshop and Assessment you’ll find out. Through evaluation of your network topology, current connectivity, costs, performance issues, operational needs and future strategy, an experienced consultant will advise if, and how, SD-WAN will benefit your organisation. 

Specifically, you will benefit from:

  • the insights of an experienced network consultant

  • an  assessment of SD-WAN’s compatibility with your organisation’s current and future needs
  • a written assessment report
  • a high level solution overview
  • budget costs.

What Total do

Total’s SD-WAN Strategic Workshop & Assessment consists of five stages.

1 Planning call
The first step is a conference call between Total’s network consultant and relevant management and technical stakeholders from your organisation. This is focused on understanding your goal(s) and planning a successful workshop, at which all the required information and participants are present.  

2 Workshop
The consultant will spend around a day at your site hosting a fact-finding workshop. This involves gaining a clear understanding of your network topology, current connectivity and costs, key applications, device and data needs at each site, business requirements, any current performance issues and your technology strategy.

It will enable the consultant to determine whether SD-WAN can provide your organisation with clear performance and/or cost benefits, both now and as your infrastructure changes.  

3 Assessment and documentation
Total’s consultant will produce a written management report advising whether SD-WAN is suitable for your organisation and, where relevant, a high level solution overview, budgetary cost and projected benefits.

4 Submission
Email submission of the SD-WAN Suitability Workshop and Assessment report to enable you to familiarise yourself with its content prior to the review meeting.  

5 Review meeting
Face-to-face review and discussion of the assessment findings.  


A successful assessment requires:

  • a management level sponsor

  • access to relevant technical and strategic stakeholders, typically your Network Architect and support team
  • network topology
  • knowledge of key applications
  • bandwidth estimates per site
  • current connectivity costs.

Why Total?

Total combines a strong process, with excellent people and an in-depth understanding of technology.

Each of Total’s consultants combine technical expertise with years of experience – gained not just in SD-WAN or networking but working with the applications, workloads and infrastructure your network needs to serve.

Total has strong and long-standing relationships with the key hardware and software vendors, backed-up by relevant technical accreditations.  

What next?

To learn more, arrange an initial conference call with a member of our solutions team by contacting your account manager, submitting an enquiry through the form below or calling us on 0345 647 0000*.


SD-WAN Strategic Workshop and Assessment Factsheet
SD-WAN Strategic Workshop and Assessment Factsheet Download PDF

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