Service Desk

Service Desk

Effectively and efficiently responding to incidents and service request is troublesome.

It is time-consuming, and for many IT teams it can also be an unwelcome distraction from the sort of proactive work that could really benefit your organisation.

Plus, with changing working patterns and expanding hours of operation extending the working day, it is also becoming more challenging and/or costly to provide the lengthy hours of support expected.

Is it time for a change of approach?    

How Total can help

Total can provide you with a Service Desk that provides a friendly and efficient single point of contact for all IT related issues, around the clock – and at a lower cost that doing it yourself.

As well as taking all calls, Service Desk provides first line investigation and diagnosis, typically achieving a very high first-time fix rate, and manages service requests. The team will also take responsibility for liaising with escalation to second/third line support, routing to specialist resolver groups, including third party providers, and keeping users informed throughout.

The service can be tailored to your needs and can include problem and change management as well as VIP support for key individuals.