Windows 10 Readiness Assessment

Enable a well-thought through, controlled and successful migration to Windows 10 with this discovery and assessment service.  

Total will assess the suitability of your existing applications, hardware and user profiles for migration to Windows 10. You benefit from an objective assessment of your current state, identification of potential problems and the expert advice of an experienced consultant.     

Why would you want it?

Extended support for Windows 7 ends on 14 January 2020, which means an end to security updates and support.

Migration to Windows 10 brings with it an always up-to-date operating system (OS), via its twice-yearly feature updates, that’s inherently more secure. It also allows you to continue running Windows 7 applications as a virtual PC application.

But OS migrations can be hard to get right.

Total’s Windows 10 Readiness Assessment will provide you with the foundations for a controlled and successful migration to Windows 10. Not only will you get a clear view of your current estate, along with any incompatibilities and potential pitfalls, but you’ll be able to discuss the best route forward with an experienced consultant.

Specifically, you will benefit from:

  • the expertise of an experienced consultant

  • an up-to-date and accurate view of your IT estate
  • specific Application, Hardware and User Profiling reports
  • consultant led discussion of your best migration route 
  • (optional) Statement of Works and budget migration costs.

What Total do

Total’s Windows 10 Readiness Assessment consists of four stages.

1 Kick-off workshop
The first step is a workshop with Total’s Windows 10 expert and relevant management and technical stakeholders (ie security, application, network, infrastructure and desktop) from your organisation. At this, Total’s consultant will agree objectives with you, outline the process, introduce the discovery tools and establish prerequisites for success.

2 Plan delivery
Following on from the workshop the consultant will plan delivery. This includes production of an Assessment Summary, documenting requirements, success criteria, prerequisites (such as licensing, servers and accounts) and agreed schedule. 

3 Discovery
Total’s consultant will install the discovery tools and work with your team to deploy agents to up to 50 devices. Following this you may choose to deploy the agent to additional devices yourselves.

Typically, the discovery tools will run for 4-6 weeks and during this time Total’s consultant will be in regular contact to check that data is being correctly gathered.

4 Review
Total’s consultant will analyse the data and produce a set of reports assessing your Windows 10 readiness, in terms of applications, hardware and user profiles.

The consultant will present their findings to you together with recommendations on your best route forward. If desirable, they will subsequently develop a Statement of Works outlining the suggested approach together with resource requirements and cost.


A successful assessment requires:

  • a management level sponsor
  • the involvement of relevant technical stakeholders (security, network, application, desktop/VDI and infrastructure)
  • remote, administrator level, access to relevant systems.

Why Total?

Total is a longstanding Microsoft Partner, with multiple competencies, and combines in-depth technological knowledge with a proven methodology and excellent people.

Each of Total’s consultants combine technical expertise with years of experience – gained not just with Windows but with its inter-dependent hardware, applications and infrastructure.

What next?

To learn more, arrange an initial conference call with a member of our solutions team by contacting your account manager, submitting an enquiry through the form below or calling us on 0345 647 0000*.


Windows 10 Readiness Assessment Factsheet
Windows 10 Readiness Assessment Factsheet Download PDF

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