Windows Server 2003 Migration

Remove risk and uncertainty from your Windows Server 2003 migrations with this solution.

Total will provide you with the technical expertise, hardware and software to migrate your Windows Server 2003 workloads to a supported platform. You benefit from a solution based upon a factual analysis of your needs, a trouble-free migration, documented design and a face-to-face knowledge transfer. 

Why would you want it?

Support for all versions of Windows Server 2003 ended on 14 July 2015, which means no more updates for bug fixes, performance issues and security vulnerabilities. Additionally, many applications won’t be supported if they are running on an unsupported operating system.

Migration from Windows Server 2003 is not straightforward. Aside from the architectural change, from 32 bit to 64 bit technology, most remaining instances of Windows Sever 2003 are running important, complex and/or hard to migrate workloads. Few IT teams have the in-house experience to undertake this. Added to which for this Windows migration there are alternative delivery mechanisms to consider; for some workloads a cloud option, such as Microsoft Azure, might now make more sense than an on premise move to Windows Server 2012. 

Total has the experience and know-how to help you to determine the right migration option and provide you with a painless migration from Windows Server 2003. With Total’s Windows Server 2003 Migration solution you will get: 

  • the benefit of expert knowledge and experience
  • advice on the best migration solution for each workload
  • diagnostics to identify your actual requirements
  • trouble-free migration
  • a well-planned, well managed migration delivered to a proven methodology
  • on time and to budget delivery
  • design documentation detailing key settings and their rationale
  • a structured, face-to-face handover.

What Total do

Total’s non-chargeable (pre-sale) work includes an initial business requirements discussion with a technical consultant. This focuses on understanding the number of servers that need migrating, the applications each is running and their criticality to the organisation, as well as discussion of the on and off premise delivery options. This will enable indicative costs to be provided.

Subsequent, paid for, work progresses through six stages.

1 Discovery and analysis
Total will install, where possible remotely, a diagnostics agent on to each server running Windows Sever 2003. This will collect data on existing server hardware, processes, applications, server roles, components and workloads for analysis by Total’s consultant. Key findings will be outlined in a summary report.

2 Recommendations
After reviewing the discovery findings, Total will provide a set of recommendations detailing confirmed costs (hardware, software, support and consultancy) for migrating each Windows Sever 2003 instance to an appropriate, and agreed, supported platform. 

3 Design
Total will develop a documented design and project delivery plan.

4 Build
Total’s consultant will develop and implement your new on and/or off premise environment(s).

5 Migration
Total will transition services from their existing Windows Server 2003 platform to their new platform. Typically this work will be timed to eliminate, or minimise, disruption to operations.

6 Project closure
As well as concluding any final actions, this stage involves a formal review of the project as part Total’s CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) programme.


A successful project requires a management sponsor and facilitator, the availability of system admins and administrator access to relevant systems. 

Why Total?

Total is long-standing and highly experienced Microsoft Partner, expert in the server platform and inter-related technologies. Total’s Microsoft consultants all combine Microsoft certification with several years’ experience of the Windows Server platform plus related technologies, in both small and large organisations.

What next?

To learn more contact your account manager, submit the enquiry form below or call us on 0845 647 0000* to arrange an initial conference call. 


Windows Server 2003 Migration Factsheet
Windows Server 2003 Migration Factsheet Download PDF

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