Removing, replacing and recycling old hardware and implementing a new IT environment.


Homebase was sold in 2016, and soon realised their IT was out dated and they had no infrastructure capabilities. They needed a quick, efficient and up to date IT implementation to support the acquisition moving forward.

Initially, Homebase were using a data centre with shared services, so there was a need to separate, move, replace and delete services. Homebase needed new hardware across their team and support throughout the process.

At a Glance

Homebase are a British home and garden DIY retail chain with 250 stores nationwide. Initially found in 1979, it was later sold in 2016 by Home Retail Group to Bunnings. Since then, it has been selling a variety of goods to the UK.

Services Delivered

Total deployed a complete PC upgrade to Windows 10, as well as break-fix maintenance provided for all stores following new hardware updates.

Technologies Deployed

Total moved Homebase to a new data centre, as well as undertaking a complex AD domain separation and migration to Office 365.

Industry Sector

Homebase are a British home and garden DIY chain. With over 250 stores nationwide, they have been running since 1979.

Business Driver

After their acquisition in 2016, they needed to upgrade and update their IT infrastructure. They needed new hardware and services.
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Homebase, a nationwide DIY chain needed to migrate and update its existing IT infrastructure. With little capability, this needed changing following their acquisition.

Darrin Knowles, IT Operations Manager said, "We needed help with everything really and when we looked at the partners that could help, we went on past experience. When it came down to choosing, it was a question of price, capability and flexibility. Total was able to offer that service and demonstrate their capabilities."


Once gaining an understanding of the problems Homebase faced, Total went to work reforming their IT. Initially, they were based in a data centre. A lot of services were shared, so Total had to create new ones, separate or move these. All desktops and users had to be separated and migrated out of the old environment.

Along with this, Total carried out a complete Windows 10 upgrade on all desktops and laptops.


Implementing this upgrade solved Homebase’s issues. Having removed old hardware such as tills and laptops, recycling them and installing new hardware, Homebase was ready for a new way of working.

Darrin Knowles went on to say, "The key thing we had to do was the store rebrand programme. We needed new hardware and kit and removal of the old. Total computers were at the top of their game, knew what they were doing, understood our requirements from the beginning and gave us confidence."

Taking Care of Technology

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Darrin Knowles

IT Operations Manager,

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When coming to Total Computers, Homebase needed help with everything. They looked into partners that could help.

When it came down to choosing, it was a question of price, capability and flexibility. Total was able to offer that service and demonstrate its capabilities. Some of the stuff Total had to do was find solutions that weren’t out there in the industry. There was a lot of research into development, and even if it was out there in the industry, really adapt that to our situation and our needs.

Their key focus was the rebranding programme. Total took on this challenge and helped Homebase with a smooth transition. There was always someone there on the end of the phone, always someone to talk to with any projects. When starting a project, there will always be problems to work through, but there was always a willingness to make sure we got problems solved quickly. Total Computers always have the customer's interest at heart.

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