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The Hybrid Cloud Offers both private and public cloud services through virtual connection leveraging the benefits from both whilst having on-premise infrastructure. With this service, you get the best of both worlds with on-site IT infrastructure for critical privacy and security requirements while enjoying the scalability and flexibility of the Public Cloud. An example of how the Hybrid cloud works would be if a business had an on-premise data centre and a public cloud computing environment.

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Without the knowledge and expertise to implement a tailored hybrid-cloud environment, many may struggle with the selection of the correct package from a wide range of choices.

It's common to want to try what the cloud has to offer whilst enjoying the comfort of what you know (on-premise). The Hybrid Cloud allows your business to enjoy the modern benefits of Cloud services whilst having the security and control of an on-premise data centre. Not only this but enjoying the Hybrid environment means you can experience reduced costs, on-demand scalability and enterprise-grade security.

Over time your on-premise infrastructure will reach the end of its life and must be replaced. During this process, if you find the adoption of our cloud services as simple as they are, you might decide to move entirely to the cloud. Our cloud experts are here to discuss the best-tailored options for your business.

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Let’s begin with a discovery call to discuss your IT & business goals. This will enable us to understand where you are now, where you want to get to and what needs to be done to get you there.

In the initial discovery call, we will cover:

  • Review of your current IT challenges 
  • Understand your people, processes and systems 
  • Short, medium and long-term business goals 
  • Sharing other customer success stories 

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Darrin Knowles

IT Operations Manager,

The Cloud Consultants we had from Total Computers were top of their game, knew what they were doing and understood our requirements from very early on and gave us confidence.

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DLG needed to quickly shift from an office-based organisation to the vast majority of its employees working from home. DLG chose Total to support them on their journey.

Following an internal IT assessment, it was clear the organisation was facing challenges. It became critical to prioritise the planning and delivery of a fully managed IT service.

SPAR UK’s central office needed a technology provider that could act as a reliable, trusted partner, and work as a one-stop shop to meet the company’s IT needs.

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