A Total Approach to JML

What are some of the key implications a business may face when a colleague either joins, moves, or leaves?

Joiners, Movers, Leavers

JML refers to joiners, movers and leavers. In a business environment, that relates to employees who are in the process of either joining the organisation, moving within the business (such as internally, or through a promotion) or making the decision to depart. Good JML processes are a recurring need for all organisations. Business processes must therefore be in place to sufficiently cater for those needs and mitigate any loss of opportunities or time due to team or organisational changes.

Broadly, the key stages of the JML process are...


New starters in the business, needing systems configured.


Current members of staff moving between departments.


Members of staff departing the business, needing removal from company systems.

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Hardware delivery to home users

Our lifecycle services team will develop a robust method to deliver a configured system to your users.

Collection of devices from leavers​

Ensuring that business assets are collected from old users and restored to be re-used saves your business time and money.

Asset Management

Resolving hardware issues, supporting users and developing a hyper-productive environment.

Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management & JML as a Service offloads device maintenance to Total so you can focus on the business.

Lifecycle Support

From configuration to 1st line support and service delivery management.

of new starters have a bad experience related to IT hardware and account setup on day one


of staff turnover occurs in the first 45 days which costs companies time and money


of staff that don't have an onboarding process fail to achieve expected results

The core components of JML and how it fits into your business

Device Managed Services

At Total, we provide asset management and tracking of all of our managed devices, as well as device visibility through a live stock dashboard. Lifecycle of new and existing devices. Home Working packs. JML (Joiners, Movers, Leavers); Distribution; Configuration; Next business day device swap out; Device metrics and user experience; Advanced Swap.

Our managed service provision allows you to focus on your business goals and objectives, whilst we manage all things IT behind the scenes. Whether it is functional support, platform management, or perhaps infrastructure management, our service is tailored to support your business and designed to handle the daily operations of your environment. Get in touch and see what we can do for you today.

Finance and Sustainability

Total offers flexible finance options; allowing for the offset of emissions from new devices. We are committed to becoming a sustainable organisation and have developed a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy as we look to outline our key objectives. As we seek to protect our community, whilst consequently protecting and enhancing our environment, we seek to drive a more viable balance between profitability and the long-term interests of the environment, its employees, trade suppliers and sub-contractors and the general public.

Our four key areas of CSR are:
- Environmental impact
- Supply chain and marketplace
- Community investment and social impact
- Employment practices


Automates the provision of Windows and Mac devices direct to end users anywhere in the world. Device compliance, security and patching from Intune and JAMF. Since our acquisition of OverBright, a specialist provider of cloud and digital transformation services, progressive work has been invested into the automation field as well as in developing our IT solutions and service capabilities.

At Total, we can automate the process from an end-to-end perspective. If you're in need of support, get in touch today to see what we can do.

Warranty & Repairs

Warranty and repairs; next business day device swap; bounded stock and warehousing; device wipe, restock or recycle. We can help make Break Fix and Third party maintenance easy, reducing business downtime and minimising the risk of impact or hardware failures, meaning your technology can be fixed or replaced within an agreed time frame, with quick turnaround times.

With well over a hundred successful workspace projects delivered last year alone, Total's consultants have the experience and expertise to help your business run smarter.

It is estimated that to replace a salaried employee it can cost, on average, between 6-9 months' salary. This covers recruitment costs, training expenses relating to the new employee, and salary. For high-turnover, low-paying jobs, expect to pay around 16% of the employees salary to replace them.
Forrester Research

Is managing technology a drain on time and resources in your business today?

The answer is Yes. Managing technology within any organisation is a burden on time and resources and therefore negatively affects financials and results performance. Here are four examples of how Lifecycle Services impact individuals and functions in your business today.

Penelope People
Penelope People
HR Director
As a people person, Penelope cares about the individuals within the business. It matters to her that employees have a positive experience of working within the organisation. Being responsible for compliance, she tirelessly improves processes, ensuring people are operating within required standards.
Theresa Tec
Theresa Tec
IT Manager
Theresa enjoys her work and thrives on keeping people productive. She takes great pride in having efficient devices that help employees find what they need, so that the business runs smoothly. Theresa is responsible for making sure technology is secure and accessible to all. Operational efficiency is key, therefore she seeks to make sure she is well equipped.
Oscar O'Pex
Oscar O'Pex
Operations Manager
Oscar looks to maximise his returns and ensures that his business is always operationally efficient. He takes great pride in ensuring that his staff are always stocked and well equipped, no matter what the task is. No matter how little or small, Oscar ensures nothing slips on his watch and careful administration is therefore essential to him.
Manuel Moolah
Manuel Moolah
Financial Controller
Manuel spends his time keeping a close eye on budgets, seeking opportunities to reduce or control costs. Manuel prefers OPEX over CAPEX expense. He therefore prefers to provide technology and services to users on an ongoing monthly subscription basis. Control and predictability is therefore vital.

The Impact on HR Teams

Team mate satisfaction and productivity is often critical to the functioning of organisations. There are no second chances for first impressions when it comes to how your teams feel about working in your business.


The acquisition and retention of talent is a priority in any business. 88% of new starters report issues during onboarding.

User Experience

Hiring managers often cite challenges with delays in sourcing and device set up for new starters.


A robust compliance model backed with policies and procedures protects your business and your end users.

Access Control

When the makeup of organisations changes, role based permissions ensure continued access to required applications and files.

The Impact on IT Services

Your IT teams are often the last to know of upcoming changes to people movements. Here are some of the key challenges the IT team will face without an effective JML process in place.


New starters are often impacted by a lack of communication between internal teams, resulting in a less smooth onboarding process. Strong onboarding leads to stronger retention.

Supply Chain

The current climate makes for more challenging times when it comes to product supply. Lead times sometimes even extend beyond start dates.

IT Asset Management

Not all businesses have a system for tracking end user technology, particularly given the number of devices leased by organisations. This is essential to ensuring in-house security.

User Management

Offboarding processes must be prioritised due to security implications. Statistics show departing colleagues can remain on systems for weeks after their departure.

The Impact
on Finance

When technology lifecycle services are impacted through lack of proactive planning and communication, the bottom line takes a bigger hit than you may think.

Lost Revenue

An employee leaving can hit revenue. It is equally frustrating when recruitment and device supply costs impact business performance and profitability.

Device Recovery

Retrieval of company assets and the cost of re-deploying these in any business comes at a cost. This can be a headache which some businesses may struggle to manage.

User Experience

A poor onboarding experience is a poor first impression. Your organisation counts for making a strong first impression.

The Bottom Line

Total can ensure the onboarding process is never an unnecessary drain on your finances. Recruitment should be a positive experience.

The Impact
on Operations

Operations is one of the key areas which can be affected when lifecycle management processes are disrupted. Preparation is therefore paramount to the bigger picture ahead.


The time taken to manage onboarding and offboarding can be a hit to efficiency. As time is spent managing or replacing colleagues, other business areas can be hit.

Customer Experience

Service quality, efficiency and managed processes are crucial to facilitating a strong customer experience. Without it, businesses can easily fall short.

Service Quality

When service quality is impacted, other key business areas can be significantly affected. Service quality is paramount to delivery.


A poor onboarding experience can not only lead to disruptions in efficiency, however also in managing an effective recruitment process.

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