Application Management

Driving continuous modernisation and increased visibility, while reducing operational costs.

With our Smart Application Management, you can Direct your Attention to what Truly Counts.

Our application management services are designed to closely monitor and optimize the performance and quality of service provided by your business applications.

At Total, we provide intelligent application management solutions that assist your organization in successfully implementing IT changes within your infrastructure.

Our focus is on driving continuous modernization and enhancing visibility, all while reducing operational costs and accelerating time-to-market through the power of AI automation.

Why Use Total?

  • Managed from start to finish
  • Logistical expertise
  • High-level vendor accreditations
  • Extensive experience
  • Value for money service

How Total Can Help

Are you struggling to stay up to date with your business applications? Let Total pave the way.

Within every company, there is a diverse range of applications, and Total can take charge of keeping them current. We have the ability to package these applications in various formats, enabling you to deploy them in both on-premises and cloud environments.

Our path updates are seamlessly rolled out as a managed service. Furthermore, Total is capable of managing your workspace environments, whether physical or virtual.

When it comes to updates like Google Chrome, we ensure that you are informed about their release dates and swiftly implement the updates across multiple environments.

To guarantee compatibility with your operating system, we can conduct thorough testing of the new application package using an automated approach. At the end of the process, we provide you with a comprehensive report highlighting successful implementations and any application errors. By simplifying the deployment of applications across physical and virtual environments, we eliminate the need for an internal IT team to handle application management.

What is MSIX?

MSIX is a Microsoft Modern Application Packaging Format that was launched in 2018. With its cutting-edge technology, MSIX provides a seamless installation experience for all applications on Windows. This cross-platform enabled format combines the best features of MSI, Click Once, APPX, and App-V, revolutionizing the way applications are packaged and deployed. By preserving the functionality of existing app packages while introducing modern packaging and deployment features, MSIX ensures a smooth transition to the future of application management. Additionally, MSIX offers effortless integration with System Centre Config Manager (SCCM) and Intune, allowing for easy layering of applications in virtual environments using MSIX App Attach.

Free Application Management Assessment

Let’s begin with a discovery call to discuss your IT & business goals.  This will enable us to understand where you are now, where you want to get to and what needs to be done to get you there.

In the initial discovery call, we will cover:

  • Review of your current IT challenges 
  • Understand your people, processes and systems 
  • Short, medium and long-term business goals 
  • Sharing other customer success stories 

If you are interested in receiving a no-obligation IT strategy assessment, please fill-out this form and one of our specialists will be in-touch soon.

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Taking Care of Technology

There's a greater demand than ever for businesses to utilise technology and we are here to make that process simple.

Hugo Mathias

CIO & Director of IT,
Northampton General Hospital

The price is good and they’ve helped us look at new tech... they’re personable, approachable and honest.

My goal is to keep my staff working in the best way possible. You can buy a computer from anybody. What you want is something that comes with a service wrapped around it. When technology fails it could be removing the ability to view information important to someone's care.

Having the availability of information at the right time really matters. That is why we have searched for partners that do more than just sell computers, it's the service that really counts.

Case Studies & Resources

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Direct Line Group

DLG needed to quickly shift from an office-based organisation to the vast majority of its employees working from home.


Audley Travel needed to create and deliver a bespoke software application to over a hundred new staff members.
knight-frank-feature (1)

Knight Frank

Knight Frank, global estate agency, residential and commercial property consultancy was looking to update their hardware and software across 85 offices in the UK.

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