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Supplying product, consultancy and support services.

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Individual Restaurants was looking to replace hardware across their stores, as well as source service support and consultancy to support their day-to-day business across the UK. This needed to be a quick and easy shift for them so they could continue working.

At a Glance

Individual Restaurants is a combination of three brands, and they have over 32 restaurants across the country. This includes his includes Piccolino, Restaurant, Bar and Grill, and Bank, one of the UK's privately owned restaurant groups. They source and find their own food and products, ensuring high-quality service and food.

Services Delivered

Total supplied products, consultancy and support services to Individual Restaurants.

Technologies Deployed

Total deployed iPads, Computers and other hardware. We also supplied support, WIFI and networking.

Industry Sector

Individual Restaurants is a nationwide restaurant company.

Business Driver

Individual restaurants needed to upgrade hardware and receive support across their stores 24/7.
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Individual restaurants


Individual Restaurant was facing outdated IT. To keep on top of their competitors, and continue running day-to-day, they needed someone to support them from start to finish.


Total came in and helped redo Individual Restaurants IT. We brought in new tablets, laptops, WIFI services and networking to support them. We also implemented 1st line support services to support any issues faced.

Adam Purslow, Group IT Manager commented "We generally like to put outside areas wherever we can. That can occasionally cause issues with connectivity and networking. We now use Cisco in all of our restaurants and Total was very very strong in deciding who we used. The speed at which things happen is incredible".


IT and Operations Director Adam looks after multiple restaurant brands "We have got a centralised reservation platform, around 150 connections and Total was really a big part in that and the consultancy and the licensing and in the advice. We got their guys to really help us out and now it has been in for three years. No problems, no downtime and it is probably one of the best things we ever did."

We have supported them with all their problems, daily issues and allowed them to grow whilst being supported.

Taking Care of Technology

There's a greater demand than ever for businesses to utilise technology and we are here to make that process simple.

Adam Purslow

IT and Operations Director,
Individual Restaurants

A very good example took place only a couple of months ago. Early in the morning, a manager arrived and there were no systems so we couldn’t use tills and other assets.

One quick phone call to Total, they found a supplier in London and were able to fix the server on the same day and the site was back up and running by 5 pm. Had I not had that server there, we would have been down for the whole day, but quick thinking by total.

I think what Total give is a package. They don’t just sell you an item, they tell you why you want that item and they make recommendations and tell you what else you need. They’ve gone past just giving you a product.
I can probably think of 3 or 4 IT managers and businesses that I have recommended Total to, not just because I want to but because I think they are the best.

Technology is the Enabler

Total is the Solution