A completely new IT infrastructure.

A move to a new head office plus an ageing infrastructure meant that U-POL needed to invest in a completely new IT infrastructure. This included a new Storage Area Network (SAN), servers, networking, cabling, and building an in-house communications hub.

At a Glance

U-POL is a global manufacturer of automotive refinish products including bodyfillers, coatings, aerosols, polishing compounds and consumables, with sales in over 100 countries. Its worldwide manufacturing base is in Wellingborough, with a UK head office in London.

Services Delivered

Total provided a full range of IT systems and services, including SAN, servers, networking, telephone system, cabling and desktops.

Technologies Deployed

Total completely re-cabled U-POL’s main manufacturing site, with no interruption to production.

Industry Sector

U-POL is a global automotive manufacture, with sales in over 100 countries.

Business Driver

U-POL needed to invest in a completely new IT infrastructure to aid their growing business.


U-POL decided to work with Total for the infrastructure project, with the decision partly due to the Infrastructure Manager's experience with Total. Andrew Speakmaster said, “I’ve worked with them for four or five years at multiple companies – I’m not easy to impress, but with Total I just send one email or make one phone call, and it’s done, and I don’t need to worry.”


The solution required the main production systems to be moved out to a data centre in London’s Docklands, while onsite systems such as security, domain controller and telephony were to run locally at the head office.

The new infrastructure was designed and specified by Andrew, and he then handed his requirements to Total, to help make it a reality. Based on long-term good experiences, Andrew chose a system based around equipment from Dell.


Total is also providing new IT systems at Wellingborough for a major IT refresh that will enable the company to grow to twice its current size, including servers, storage and networking.

“Total is now U-POL’s IT supplier for everything,” says Andrew. “They’re very helpful, and what’s important to me is the service – they say what they’re going to do, and I don’t have to ask twice.”

Taking Care of Technology

There's a greater demand than ever for businesses to utilise technology and we are here to make that process simple.

Andrew Speakmaster

Infrastructure Manager,

For the head office move, Total put me in touch with Dell and arranged all the meetings so I could configure the storage effectively, which was very helpful.

I couldn't have done all this without Total as the middleman, and Total can get things from Dell that I would not have the power to do myself.

We were under time pressure to do a year’s work in only two months, and it was stressful and hectic, but everything that Total was involved in was completed ahead of schedule. Without Total’s assistance, we would not have been able to finish the job on time.

There have been times when a staff member has come to me on a Friday night and said I’ve lost my laptop and need a new one tomorrow because I’m working from home on Saturday – I phoned Total, and they delivered it in the morning.

Overall, if I tell Total there are things missing or something doesn’t work, they get straight on it – and the next thing I know I get a phone call saying the equipment will be turning up. I’ve worked with my account manager long enough that there is a good level of trust, and he’s saved me a lot in terms of time over the years.

Technology is the Enabler

Total is the Solution