Magellan Robotech

Magellan Robotech

Magellan Robotech, part of Stanleybet Group, chose Total to help it improve its storage, which was needed to keep up with the company’s need for more performance and capacity. Total provided commercial and technical assistance, helping Magellan Robotech select HPE Nimble storage, which now provides an efficient, high-performance solution.


Magellan Robotech is part of the Stanleybet Group, and creates bespoke products and services for the group as well as clients in the gaming and entertainment industries. The Group is one of Europe’s largest operators in the gaming sector, with 3,000 employees and freelancers.

Business driver

Magellan Robotech needed to replace its storage array, to keep up with the business’ demands for performance and efficiency, and improve its storage capabilities. The company also needed more storage to support expansion of its business, and to improve its disaster recovery (DR).


To find the right storage solution, Magellan Robotech turned to Total for help. Damian Edwards, Head of IT Operations at Magellan Robotech, said, “Total is one of our principal suppliers, and we have a longstanding relationship with Total’s account manager, so we asked them to advise us and help us make the right choice.” 

Total facilitated meetings with three leading storage vendors, including arranging demonstrations of their storage products. Damian said, “Total were very good at staying agnostic between the three vendors, and they secured some excellent commercial terms for us.” 

“One of Total’s technical experts really helped in the meetings, and was instrumental in getting our points across. He also had conversations offline with the vendors to ensure the meetings were constructive and efficient, and that we could get the features and prices we needed,” said Damian. “He had a good knowledge of the product lines of all three vendors, and it was advantageous for us to get his unbiased view, in the meetings and in other phone calls – he really drilled down into our requirements, to ensure we got the right product for our needs.” 

Based on this procurement process, Magellan Robotech selected a Nimble storage solution from HPE. Damian said, “The most important factor in our decision was the capabilities and performance of the HPE solution, and the willingness of their team to explore that with us to find the best solution. The relationship with HPE was also good, and they worked hard to offer us the right deal.” 

Magellan Robotech chose the HPE HF20 Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Array, which provides a cost-effective combination of primary and secondary flash for mixed, mainstream workloads. The company uses the HPE Nimble storage with around 130 virtual servers, providing core functions to the business including its finance and email systems, while a second HPE Nimble array is currently being implemented, and will provide DR capabilities. 

As well as the storage, Total provides hardware and software for Magellan Robotech, including all of its servers, firewalls, and helping the company move to a Veeam back-up solution. Magellan
Robotech procures its IT equipment from its UK head office, and then ships it to its local offices in Belgium, Austria, Malta and Romania. The company’s UK team is responsible for managing IT across each country, supported by a break-fix contract with Total.


Magellan Robotech’s first Nimble storage was delivered quickly by HPE, and is now set up and running in the company’s UK head office. HPE also provided training, and Damian commented, “Nimble was a good choice for us in terms of ease of use, and the user interface.”

The new storage array has met the business’ demands for performance and capacity, with its built in intelligent, selfmanaging features enabling it to provide an efficient, highly available solution.

“HPE Nimble has good compression and de-duping capabilities, which are important to us,” said Damian. “This enables us to maximise the storage capacity of the appliance, with compression up to a factor of two without impacting performance.” 

“We had a ransomware attack a year or so ago that highlighted some areas to strengthen,” said Damian. “We were able to fully recover without paying ransom but have subsequently enhanced backup and encryption, and the HPE storage is enabling us to set up the right level of DR, with everything replicated to the second Nimble array.” 

Regulatory requirements mean that Magellan Robotech needs to keep some of its customer data, and therefore its IT systems, within specific geographies. It is now looking into how HPE storage can help it across Europe, starting with buying another Nimble array to support its Italian operations. 

Damian concluded, “I would have no hesitation in recommending Total in terms of the level of support they provide, their commercial ability to negotiate good rates with suppliers, and their technical expertise, which enables them to support our chosen products.”