Managing Windows devices and users consumes as lot of IT time and resource. The move to Windows 10 provides the opportunity to reduce this with ‘modern management’.

This is Microsoft’s favoured approach to managing Windows 10 devices and users. It makes it easier to manage devices, throughout their lifecycle, with fewer tools, and more automation.

Modern management integrates use of three technologies to automate and simplify device management:

  • Windows Autopilot, a cloud service from Microsoft, to enable zero-touch deployment of new devices

  • mobile device management, typically provided by Microsoft InTune, to manage the devices, and
  • Azure Active Directory, Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service, so you can manage devices even when they’re not connected to the network.

The result is not just simpler, easier, lower touch management, but full control of the device, throughout its lifecycle, with very little overhead.

How we can help

Total’s Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Intune Accelerator enables you to evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of this approach – providing you with a best-practice 25 users, 25 devices implementation and the basis for a successful roll-out.

A partner you can rely upon

Longstanding Microsoft Partner, with multiple competencies.

Proven methodology for successful implementation

Highly qualified and technically expert consultants

Extensive experience gained across a range of organisations   

“Modern management saves us huge amounts of time imaging, setting-up and configuring new user devices. It also enables us to easily wipe lost or stolen devices and to push out security updates without a user being on the corporate network – confident it’ll be deployed as soon as the user is on the internet.”
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