Earlier this year, Christine White was accepted by the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee and University of Delaware to the International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Programme (ICECP).

Our Total Computers Scholarship Programme provides a funded and supported route for individuals such as Christine to develop their coaching skills and to inspire and encourage wider participation in cycling. 

This year-long programme is made up of five modules which take place online, across various locations in the US and Switzerland, making for an invaluable experience which will enhance Christine's growth as a coach and sport leader.

We caught up with Christine to find out what this Scholarship means to her:

“The scholarship has opened a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a network which I could only have dreamed of. It has given voices and development opportunities to a broad spectrum of those involved, from grassroots level through to performance level coaching, and as such, highlights the many cogs that turn the wheels of British Cycling.

It has kick-started and ‘ignited’ my coaching through the opportunities the scholarship provides, whether it's assisting in the British Cycling ‘Limitless’ launch, Coach ‘discipline specific’ courses, or helping other coaches with the Team GB podium, Academy squads and beyond! From the moment I joined the programme, I have not stopped learning! Most of all, as a female coach I feel valued. We are part of the same team with the same aspirations of growing communities, working together, engaging with children and young people which inspires performance and habits for a lifetime.

This, when I stop to think, is truly humbling and a real privilege.”

With Christine's busy schedule having kicked off in April, she is still feeling blessed to be in such a position and is grateful to have this incredible opportunity ahead of her. Christine's took the time to make clear her feelings about this opportunity (sic):

“The Olympic Solidarity Scholarship opportunity is just surreal – I’m still trying to pinch myself! To put it into perspective, the British Olympic Committee can only put forward ONE coach of national standing in ONE sport with an approved and ‘endorsed’ project. This is then countersigned by the IOC before any acceptance into the International Coach Enrichment Certificate Programme in USA. I have already started the coursework delivered by the University of Delaware. Some of this work is driven by research from the International Council for Coaching Excellence.”

In September, I am in the USA for approximately one month attending the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee HQ in Colorado Springs before flying to Delaware University. Next Spring, I will present my ‘project’ based upon ‘Nurture’ to the IOC in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Right now, I am waking up each day thinking ‘this is insane, what is actually happening?!’. To top this off I have just been informed that the UCI want me to coach the African nations on their European camp in France from May through to August as part of the Rwanda ’25 Project in readiness for the World Championships due to be held there in 2025! However, the one thing I keep reflecting on - if it wasn’t for the British Cycling ‘Total Computers’ Scholarship as a catalyst, this would NOT have happened so thank you! The investment in me and others can literally impact sport globally.”

It is abundantly clear that Christine recognises what a privileged position she is in and has every intention of making the most of it. Christine is keen to set the bar high and come out of the programme as a well-rounded world-class performance coach/coach developer, but what else can we expect from her?

“My aspirations are to exit the programme with an improved understanding of contemporary issues which can be disseminated to national governing bodies on a worldwide stage. I believe that collective success and solidarity in sport come from individual actions, and right now I’m 100% committed to the ‘Vision’.

I would also like to develop and share knowledge gained from attending the programme and to improve support networks and development, nurturing both athletes and coaches at all levels within the sport to create longevity and increase participation.”

Our CEO Aidan Groom made clear his excitement around seeing the journey unfold for our scholars, making clear his wishes for the programme to be the stepping stone to someone achieving their dreams. We are sure you'll agree that Christine has already made her mark on that journey, and we feel incredibly proud to have been a part of this. With her goals having been set, Christine is clear on how she aims to influence the future of cycling:

“Through both the British Cycling ‘Total Computers’ and Olympic Solidarity Scholarships, I can take this opportunity to impact on our current/future coaching workforce and athletes. By ‘feeding’ in the latest in coach development and ‘coaching excellence’, improving the experiences of those engaged, and remaining engaged for life, then I’ll have done my job!”