In the digital age, organisations are beginning to consider the possibilities of digital transformation and why moving into the cloud may be a positive step. Stepping into the cloud can equate to a greater level of flexibility, scalability, ease and modernisation - however, it is never a guarantee that the migration process will be a breeze. Total Computers can help you when it comes to equipping yourself with a strong and steady migration framework, in the form of a Cloud Readiness Assessment.

Moving workloads to the cloud can, in theory, seem difficult. However, an effective Cloud migration plan can simplify the implementation of server, storage and operating system software, as there is no longer a need for it to be installed locally. Similarly, it does not require the level of maintenance and upgrades which many on-premise applications require. Cloud based systems can save you time and money, by reducing client software installation on corporate or consumer desktops and can avoid time and effort spent on deployment, troubleshooting and upgrades. Recent research suggests that companies using cloud computing services save 20% annually on infrastructure costs. As a consequence, by leveraging the cloud, companies can save money on costs which can be made elsewhere.

Moving to the cloud can help reduce the cost and strain on your IT department. Eliminating time-consuming tasks can improve employee satisfaction and reduce the strain elsewhere. Additionally, the cloud can allow you to archive and store data without investing in on-premise infrastructure, enhancing security through the means to encrypt and secure data, whilst minimising downtime in the event of a disaster. Cloud implementation can also help work around supply chain issues, allowing you to utilise additional resources rapidly without waiting months for delivery. Servers are instantly available when you need them.

At Total, we can help to determine whether you are ready for a move to the cloud by working through a full Cloud Readiness Assessment. This can help you ensure a successful migration, whilst also causing minimal interruption to your day-to-day services. Our assessment will evaluate your business set up, critiquing a number of key areas: discovery, infrastructure assessment, operational readiness and available budget through six key methods: Azure Cloud Enablement, Secure Teamwork, Optimisation Advisor, Cybersecurity, Azure Virtual Desktop and Dynamics. Each will assess your readiness according to your budget, optimising your migration plan for your needs. To go beyond a cloud readiness assessment, a cloud migration assessment acts as the first step for an organisation on the way to cloud migration - timing is essential.

There are a variety of reasons why businesses and organisations are making the move to the cloud. Many are choosing to migrate to increase the productivity of their workforce, whilst others are hoping to minimise costly infrastructure services or legacy applications which have lost their value over time. Many organisations are choosing to innovate by re-imagining their missions and drive digital transformation through upgrading to cloud-hosting technologies. Even despite the benefits of cloud, there is a process to follow and Total’s services can help you ensure you reap the rewards of a stable migration plan through a free Cloud consultation. Speak to a cloud expert today to find out more.