In an ever-connected world, enterprises need to take urgent action to strengthen their encryption to counter the growing threats from cyber adversaries. Compliant with NSA standards, Arqit’s Platform as a Service makes symmetric encryption keys which cannot be broken even by quantum attack. Easily integrated at modest cost with dynamic rotating authentication, Arqit’s groundbreaking technology is now available to Total customers as part of their comprehensive suite of services.

At Total Computers, the extensive range of services and solutions encompasses Cloud, Cyber Security, Infrastructure, Managed Services, and Workspace. Total’s approach is consultative, and they are dedicated to ensuring customer success. It is this commitment that has earned them the trust of both our customers and partners, as they consistently provide the superior levels of service they require.

 David Williams, Arqit Founder, Chairman and CEO said:

“We are thrilled to partner with Total to offer our encryption technology to their customers, who can now easily harden their networks for enhanced protection against current and future cyber threats. Enterprises need to be able to secure their data against both current and future cyber threats and with Arqit’s unique products, they have off-the-shelf solutions that can be easily deployed today.”

Kevin Goodall, Managing Director, Total Computers said:

“In today’s increasingly interconnected and cyber-threat prone world, enterprises need to ensure that cyber security is a core part of their strategy. We are delighted to offer Arqit’s groundbreaking encryption technology as part of our comprehensive suite of services for our customers.”

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