Citrix on Azure Accelerator

Successfully validate and accelerate a move to cloud delivery of your Citrix services. 

Total will provide you with a trial, 25 users, implementation of Citrix on Microsoft Azure. You benefit from a best-practice test implementation with which to assess its suitability plus the basis for a successful and accelerated roll-out.      

Why would you want it?

Like other software vendors, Citrix is moving to a cloud-based subscription model – providing a regularly updated, ‘evergreen’ platform. This can be achieved through the Citrix Cloud directly or via your own Citrix instance hosted on Microsoft Azure. The latter enables you to retain management control of your Citrix environment, to keep it close to business applications and gives you jurisdiction over where data resides.

Total’s Citrix on Azure Accelerator enables you to establish whether delivering Citrix from the cloud would suit your organisation – providing you with a trial implementation to 25 users and the basis for successful and accelerated roll-out. 

Specifically, you will benefit from:

  • the know-how of an experienced consultant

  • best-practice deployment
  • real world solution evaluation
  • the foundation for a successful implementation
  • (optional) Statement of Works and budget roll-out costs.

What Total do

Total’s Citrix on Azure Accelerator consists of five stages.

1 Kick-off workshop
The first step is a workshop led by Total’s consultant and involving relevant management and technical stakeholders (ie Citrix, Azure, security, network and application) from your organisation. There are three key elements to this.

  1. Gather requirements – this will include consideration of your business, user, security and application requirements, any application dependencies, plus project success criteria.
  2. Citrix Cloud and Azure overview – discussion of solution and configuration.
  3. Agree an outline project schedule – including key dates, prerequisites for success and roles and responsibilities.  

2 Plan delivery
Following the workshop, the consultant will plan implementation. As well as confirming the schedule of activity, this includes production of an Accelerator Project Document outlining requirements, infrastructure overview, success criteria and any prerequisites and changes. It is assumed that these are subject to a change control process and so will need to be completed by your team. 

3 Implementation
Total’s consultant will implement and configure the infrastructure required to test the solution with 25 users, so you can evaluate whether it successfully fulfils your business requirements. This includes:

  • Citrix Cloud components – configuration of Citrix control components to allow remote access to virtual apps and desktops
  • Citrix on Azure components – creation of a single Gold image, deployment via Machine Creation Services and optimisation for Citrix workloads (at this stage you can directly include any additional applications required), plus deployment of Citrix Cloud Connectors, to provide the required connectivity between Citrix Cloud and Azure
  • Personalisation configuration – user personalisation via Citrix User Profile Management and configuration of baseline Citrix Policies.

Additionally, the service can be tailored to provide the following optional additions.

3i Image customisation – to incorporate specific application or security requirements.
3ii Azure Health Check – if there is doubt over the health of your Azure presence Total can conduct a formal health check and detail any remedial actions required prior to commencing implementation.
3iii Azure infrastructure configuration – if not already in place, to co-locate Domain Services and File Servers in Azure (see Prerequisites below) and, if required, establish a VPN Gateway or ExpressRoute to establish connectivity between your data centre and Azure.
3iv Office 365 integration – while it is a common requirement to host Office 365 on Citrix, its caching and non-persistent hosts can compromise user experience. Total can implement and test FSLogix to provide effective integration with Office 365 and OneDrive for Business.  


4 Evaluation
The evaluation phase typically lasts 4-6 weeks, which is usually enough time to determine the suitability of the solution. During this time Total’s consultant will host weekly or fortnightly calls to review your test process and any configuration adjustments required, plus update the Success Criteria and Issue Log accordingly.


5 Review
Following the evaluation period, Total’s consultant will update the Accelerator Project Document to include an overview of what’s been done, highlight any risks or issues for further investigation and provide a final recommendation. If successful, they will develop a proposal outlining the suggested approach, resources required and cost for a full environment roll-out.



A successful project requires:

  • a management level sponsor – typically the head of end-user computing

  • the involvement of relevant technical stakeholders (Citrix, Azure, security, network and application)
  • a correctly working Microsoft Azure subscription (see 3ii)
  • co-location of Domain Services and File Servers in Microsoft Azure (see 3iii)
  • data centre to Azure connectivity (see 3iii)
  • remote, administrator level, access to relevant systems.

Why Total?

Total’s Citrix consultants combine years of Citrix experience with expertise in multiple Citrix technologies and, in most cases, individual certification to the highest level (Citrix Certified Expert). Plus, they have the breadth of knowledge necessary to understand and anticipate dependencies with your broader infrastructure.

Total’s consultants have successfully undertaken Citrix projects for public and private sector organisations ranging in size from a hundred up to tens of thousands of users.

What next?

To learn more, arrange an initial conference call with a member of our solutions team by contacting your account manager, submitting an enquiry through the form below or calling us on 0345 647 0000*.


Citrix on Azure Accelerator Factsheet
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