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IT solutions and services for Public Sector organisations



Centrepoint wanted to improve their connectivity across their buildings nationwide to improve the service they delivered to young people.
I have never had a supplier who has been able to react as quickly as Total Computers. The relationship I have is more of a partnership than a supplier. Quite often I will call up and we will talk for 20 minutes to half an hour going through different possibilities and different solutions before we come up with the right solution. That’s what I really value with the relationship I have with Total Computers.
Andy Sefton
Head of Technology

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IT solutions and services for Public Sector organisations

When seeking IT solutions and services for public sector organisations, it's essential to source great services.

IT solutions and services for public sector organisations are critical for enhancing efficiency, improving citizen services, and ensuring data security. These services can encompass a wide range of technologies and support to meet the specific needs of government agencies at various levels.

CCS Frameworks

Crown Commercial Services has multiple frameworks that Total Computers are a supplier on. From technology hardware, software and services to online purchasing content and circular IT, Total can assist all Public Sector authorities with even the most complex procurement needs. 

How to Buy

CCS has a wide range of commercial agreements ensuring you can find one that suits your technology procurement needs. You can access their various buying routes including quick quotes, tender competitions, direct awards, catalogues and aggregation. 

Upcoming Deals

CCS supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. In 2022/23, CCS helped the public sector to achieve commercial benefits equal to £3.8 billion - supporting world-class public services that offer best value for taxpayers. 


CCS can provide Public Sector authorities with draft documents that can be used for tender competitions with even the most challenging requirements. Their agreements are often divided into lots of products or service types and for each framework agreement they offer standardised contract terms which can me amended to cover each relevant contract.  

Why Choose Total?

Total are a trusted technology products and services provider to all public sector authorities. We have a dedicated Public Sector sales team with experience in all sectors: Education, Councils, NHS, BlueLight, non-profit organisations, local and central government authorities. We utilise our strong relationships and accreditation levels with all Tier 1 vendors in addition to more niche suppliers to ensure we secure the most competitive prices for even the most complex procurement needs. 

TePAS - Technology Products and Associated Services 2 (RM6098)

Lot 2 – Hardware and Associated Services 
Lot 3 – Software and Associated Services 
Lot 6 - Education Technology 
Lot 7 - Sustainability and Circular IT 
Lot 8 – Online Technology Catalogue 

Crown Commercial Services – G-Cloud 13 (RM1557.13) 

Lot 1 - Cloud Hosting 
Lot 2 - Cloud Software 

Technology Services 3 (RM6100)

Lot 1 - Technology Strategy and Service Design 
Lot 3a - Operational Services - End User Service 
Lot 3b - Operational Services - Operational Management 
Lot 3d - Operational Services - Application and Data Management 

Cyber Security Services 3 (RM3764.3)

A DPS (Dynamic Purchasing Agreement) offers an extensive range of cyber security services including: Penetration Testing & IT Health Check, Consultancy & Advice, Incident Management and Data Destruction & Sanitisation Services. 


A comprehensive and easy to use framework that will enable you to procure a wide range of ICT goods and services, with a strong focus on Net Zero and Social Value.

Procurement Simplified

FTS compliant ICT framework enables schools, academy trusts, and other institutions to procure a wide range of ICT and Technology services easily and quickly.

Every School Net Zero by 2035

Underpinned by a Government pledge to fight climate change and meet our global goals and commitments.

Knowledgable Consultants

Our expertise spans multiple lots and sub-lots covering all aspects of ICT and allows you to tailor the service to meet your exact requirements. Call today to start saving.

enFrame ICT Framework (EN-ICT-1021)

Lot 3 – Hardware
Lot 4 – Servers and Storage
Lot 5, Sub-Lot 2 – Active Networking
Lot 7 – Cloud Services
Lot 8 – Audio Visual

ICT Managed Services & Consultancy

KCS (Kent Commercial Services) are a subsidiary of Kent County Council and as such are a great framework to suggest to our local government and council customers. They have a flexible approach to procurement so can offer direct awards, quick quote requests or full tender competitions and the rebate that we pay is less than that of CCS so these are savings we can pass directly onto our customers. 

Procurement Services

The framework is managed and monitored by KCS Procurement Services (acting for Kent County Council) on behalf of our customers and your views and requirements will be taken into account when reviewing and developing the contract.

Specialist Support & Advice

Free and full support on using the framework through the KCS Procurement Services team.

Flexible Options

You are able to benefit from aggregated spend and lower pricing based on the value of the overall contract, even on low-spend orders.

Supplier Evaluation

Customers can re-open competition within the framework, removing the need for a full tender exercise or lengthy supplier evaluation each time they have an ICT-managed services requirement, saving time and costs associated with procurement exercises.

Shared Business Services

NHS framework agreements are designed to ensure competitive pricing, help drive savings and improve efficiencies. To allow more flexibility, customers have the ability to directly call-off from a framework and offer a compliant route to market. Our awarded Frameworks are easy to access and utilise.

Procurement Services

With flexibility built in, you can access any or all of our services to build up a package that is as unique as you are. Our success is defined by enabling you to meet your goals - whatever they may be.

Specialist Support & Advice

Our specialist category managers have a wealth of experience working across corporate services and healthcare. The category managers, along with their teams, can provide bespoke, specialist support with running mini-competitions as well as project based work, which includes opportunities analysis to deliver cost savings, improving quality and driving efficiencies. Our category teams are here to offer you the support and advice you need.

Flexible Options

Depending on your needs, we can arrange one-off access to certain framework contracts to meet a specific demand. Alternatively, we can offer you access to our full portfolio of framework agreements.

Digital Workspace Solutions

This is a flexible and easy to use framework which is open to all public sector organisations and allows for a direct award and covers a vast range of IT infrastructure, hardware, software & services.

NHS SBS Digital Workspace Solutions - SBS/19/AB/WAB/9411

Everything ICT

Everything ICT was originally set up to support schools, Multi-Academy Trusts and Local Authorities supporting schools. It is now open to all Public Sector and can be used to a wide range of IT Hardware, Software or Services.

Case Studies

We measure our success on positive outcomes and customer excellence.


Cathedral School

Cathedral School needed to replace its ageing IT assets. It chose Total Computers to provide new devices through a three-year HP leasing deal.
kids playing new

National Youth Advocacy Service

NYAS, a national children’s charity, chose Total to handle a move from on-premise to hosted Exchange with Microsoft Office 365.
hospital new new nnew

Northampton General Hospital

Total is helping Northampton General Hospital to realise its vision of being information led, providing staff with user-friendly access to the digital information they need to be as productive as possible.